Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Word List 40

The leaves quivered gently even as the cool redolent drafts caressed them with a motherly affection providing redress after the blazing heat of the noon. The ebbing slivers of light refracting from the broken pane adorned the refectory floor soothing the senses with its mildness- a pleasant respite from the reek of stale bread permeating the room. The refractory mouse scampered past the mouse-trap gingerly refraining from disturbing the week old piece of cheese.

Outside, the tea-stall owner sat scrubbing his kettles in a desperate attempt to refurbish them to their once regal refulgent glory but the ebony of time hardly ever bows to the redundant acts of man; yet while hope remains man perseveres –that is his wont and his strength.

Far off under the cool shade of the banyan sat the village bard regaling a throng of young urchins to a regimen of tales of regattas and regeneration and many a intriguing regicides of yore that he reminisced from his childhood. A rejuvenated expression illuminated his countenance even as he quelled an occasional rejoinder here and a quibble there and continued to enthrall his audience with lores of redoubtable wars and relegated kings. His repertoire with its myriad flavors evidently found great approval with his audience. Further down the shore two kids sat munching the remnants of their lunch-pack while the crows cawed in remonstration, seeking their fair share. Their remuneration came in the form of a hurled stone from the young lad.

The calm was soon lost as trumpets rend the silence announcing the arrival of a procession of gaudily dressed revelers going to a marriage ceremony. A herd of cows joined the rendezvous from the side with their rendition of bovine emotions, reneging the revelers a passage to pass. A few renounced the road to escape the onslaught only to get rents in their garments from the roadside brambles. The angry demands of reparation from the revelers only drew a remorseless repartee from the cattle-driver. While the altercation continued people started to repine and long for the repast while others made a beeline for the nearby liquor store to replenish their supplies.

Away from the melee, near the repository Aman sat poring over the newspaper. A surge of anger suffused through him as he went through the reprehensible and heinous acts of violence by the reprobate which had apparently drawn a strong and useless reprobation from the authorities. Repressing an overwhelming desire to tear the paper in two and cry out in repulsion and repugnance he reminded himself it was only a reprieve and he would be out of here in no time. But deep inside he knew there would be reprisals – they will requite this deed, they surely will. The cool redolent breeze still blew through the leaves but to his ears the sound was nothing more than a requiem.

This was a lot more impactful when i thought it out- believe me.It is supposed to be the first chapter of a very serious book/movie.It is supposed to be philosophical and slowly coming to the topic which is much more severe than the frivolities described before.And the end is supposed to be ironic. Anyway....