Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dream Diaries I

Well I decided that I usually like my dreams and would like to keep a log of the interesting ones so here goes.

Opening Scene:

The authorities waiting outside some kind of park with darkness falling thick and dark. Its time for the park to close but they have kept the gate half open because a couple is yet to return. The daughter is standing outside waiting for her parents to come back. She has blonde hair and has a pretty dress on. She looks worried and is explaining why she did not stick with her parents. I think I have seen her before but I dont really want to accept who she is. The forest rangers have their guns ready and are pointing it at the gate when they see two people emerge from the foliage and rush towards the gate. The parents are here but they are white as a sheet.

"We lost our way and couldn't find our way back to the road" blurted the Mom. The Mom had the same blonde hair as her daughter.

"How? Are you alright" the Girl ran out to meet them

 "We heard the closing gong and panicked and somehow wandered further into denser bushes. We screamed but it was muffled by the trees.....and then we saw it. There is something out there..something was very whizzed past but we could feel its stench as it flashed past was no animal or man.."

"Thats all right. You need to rest. Let's go" the Dad comforted her and led them away from the gate. His jet black hair was in stark contrast to the other two family members. They silently walked away from the gate.

The gate closed.

Scene 2

"We must be careful. We will need to stick to the plan and find out whats in there"

I along with four other rangers went in on our bikes to investigate what the woman had encountered.

"Keep your eyes peeled and your dart guns ready". We slowly moved into the forest till all we could see around us were gnarled roots and trunks covered with moss and lichen. The air was dank with moisture and even the sound of our bikes were muffled.

All this while my vantage point were my eyes and I never saw my face or as a matter of fact the faces of my mates.

A sudden movement to our right as something rushed by.

"What was that? Lets move ...move into a slight clearing ahead"

As we formed a circle to cover all angles and stood back to back we held our breath and cocked our guns. And then I saw it clear as day as it whizzed in front of me. There was no doubt about it - it was a white tiger on a bike and moving fast. Its eyes were red and the black stripes were etched magnificently on its white coat.

I felt a swoosh as something slashed round my neck even as our darts missed the target and  hit the tree trunks. Blood splashed across my eyes and I saw the tiger get up on a moving open back truck with five heads in his claws, blood dripping through his paws and a menacing look in its scarlet eyes as it stared right at me.

My vantage point still remained over my shoulders, where my neck should have been.