Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Think I blew it..damn...After coming so far ..I was almost sure ..why did it have to be this way??Why asshole why?just shat over it..all over stinks from far off ...ass...Seems like I ran with the speed of light around a tree...damn the 4th law.

Finally cooling off, forgiving yourself aint an easy task cant even kick yourself in the ass and you dare not ask anyone else..he might just take the thing a bit too far for my own comfort..after all its my own ass. cover your ass and run or was it cover your head??

Attained room temperature or approaching it from the right in accordance to Newton's Law of Cooling ....Newton again!!why do you always pop up at every fucking place and screw with others??this reminds me of a terrific Murphy's Law "Get hold of a guy's balls and his mind and soul will follow":D..not that it has any connection with this post..just remembered it from someone else's status message ...

Anyway back to square one the fearless traveller (that being me) moves ahead with renewed vigour and determination...(just to make it sound dramatic)...back to his awesome ways because "There is no charge for awesomeness"....If you are lost as to what am I saying do not worry ,I just wanted to use the statement :P

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