Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grumble grumble :D

Its not done!!why me of all people??How many times has it happened to you that you reach a counter after sweating in the sun for hours only to find the guy behind the counter , totally impervious to your clamour to invoke the milk of human kindness, bang close the counter on your face and go off with an unspoken " Fuck you!". This might be an exaggeration to what might have happened to me yet it conveys the message pretty clearly, doesnt it? You stand in a queue after almost one year in a bank to get your passbook updated and the printer runs out of ink or simply refuses to work as soon as it is your turn. You go running to a station counter for tickets and the guy tells you its already 8 and the system doesnt work after that and listlessly turns the age-old stained computer monitor on your face and points to the watch as evidence, which like any well behaved clock in the locality shows you the time 8:00pm. Even before you can realise that the clock will obviously show the time and that it is no proof that the sytem has stopped vending out tickets the guy is gone with the smoothness of a spectre mingling into the darkness. You stand there staring and cursing under your breath or maybe you are not so subtle if you are the brash type.

More often than nought its not a matter of sheer impunity but of chance and you are left wondering what could you have possibly done to be among the elite few to be a a part of the event.You go running to the mess very late hoping to get something when you find the last piece of pakoda being picked up by the person in front.Today for example everything was going smooth until I got there. Somehow the heater just went cold as it was my turn. Had Dushyant been there he would have commented in his concerned tone" Abhi tak to acha bhala garam tha. Achanak thanda kaise pad gaya?" :D .

Chalo koi baat nahi aise bhi bahut din se blog update nahi hua tha.isis bahane kar diya.

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