Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Discovery!!!

Its weird how adages and idioms tend to come alive right in your face without you even knowing when it happened and you can see the "wise" ones staring at you with a pompous and sanctimonious smirk ethched right across their guileful faces.However its nothing so serious really, just my imagination runs a bit wild and exaggeration is fun- thats all.There was no wise man staring down on me or anything ,even if there was it was me myself in my saintly avatar (to be imagined with a flowing white beard and a halo and rudraksh mala and all). Talking of rudraksh i think that was a movie- a crappy one at at that...digressing a bit ...what is the difference between crappy poop and poopy crap???...anyway hey and do you know what is the deo that saints like??it is rudr-axe!! Do not stare at me like that ..it is a good pj...budding artists are never appreciated unless they get hold of some award which you never heard of but people tell you is a prestigious one and then you start liking the very same work that you wouldnt have given a damn about a day before.....its the same with movies -some group of weirdos decide to call some movie a classic and "tasteful" individuals devour them like bees on honey.I am not saying that all of the classic movies are like that but most of them are...and i am not open for an argument on that!!Specially if you cant decipher head or tail of a movie then the movie is guaranteed to make it to the "classics" roster. Also modern art...I mean what is it??I f I throw a dozen colours around on a canvas it isnt art but when the same thing is done by the "acknowledged" artists it means something "deep" which "you wont understand". If I draw a nude its perversion if they do it is art....damn injustice thats what it is.These guys are just good at mass hypnosis thats all.

Anyway why did I start this post?Oh yeah..its nothing as I told you in the beginning.Just that a professor was harping too much on the fact that we need to get to get a certain book or else he will slit us open or something like that..I think it wasnt so gory but who cares..and I tried to get the book from many seniors but couldnt ..I even thought of buying it but the shop was closed- talk about being pulled back by fate at every step - or you can be a bit less melodramatic and blame it on my ill timed endeavours, whichever suits you.However after all this I remembered that there is a place for people like me (not a mental asylum...let me complete the statement) who are looking for books they dont have but need very urgently-it is called The Library-the ethereal sacred ( i thought i would use the word ecclesiastical but then it would be too obvious that I picked it up from the thesaurus..moreover I dont even know how to pronounce it or if the usage would be correct) morgue of the dead trees of yore, and I did find the book there!!So you see pretty mundane this whole thing was...

You see the I never thought of the library because it simply doesnt suit my interiors- the library hates my guts literally -every time I step in there ,within 5 minutes the pressure in my large intestine ( I think its that) starts building up without any provocation whatsoever and as soon as I walk out its normal once again.So you see its natural that I did not think of it before.Thats all for the moment i guess...I will notify you in case of any such further developments.

P.S- I think my cycle is missing again.
P.P.S-P.S I love you is too full of senti...it is not as good as people make it sound like.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Think I blew it..damn...After coming so far ..I was almost sure ..why did it have to be this way??Why asshole why?just shat over it..all over ...it stinks from far off ...ass...Seems like I ran with the speed of light around a tree...damn the 4th law.

Finally cooling off, forgiving yourself aint an easy task ..you cant even kick yourself in the ass and you dare not ask anyone else..he might just take the thing a bit too far for my own comfort..after all its my own ass. cover your ass and run or was it cover your head??

Attained room temperature or approaching it from the right in accordance to Newton's Law of Cooling ....Newton again!!why do you always pop up at every fucking place and screw with others??this reminds me of a terrific Murphy's Law "Get hold of a guy's balls and his mind and soul will follow":D..not that it has any connection with this post..just remembered it from someone else's status message ...

Anyway back to square one the fearless traveller (that being me) moves ahead with renewed vigour and determination...(just to make it sound dramatic)...back to his awesome ways because "There is no charge for awesomeness"....If you are lost as to what am I saying do not worry ,I just wanted to use the statement :P

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paila Paila Post

Dear Blog(I am guessing that is how you start a blog given its diary counterpart)…I have no idea why I did this but I have finally created a blogging account (cheers..whoooo clap clap!!!) and this is, as is quite obvious my first post.Come on, dont expect me to come up with smart and interesting lines now, I am new and nervous…naah …just kidding …I dont have anything smart up my sleeve rite now (is it rite now or write now??…rite now i hope…ohh sorry it is right now…damn these sms habits).And anyway its 3 in the morning and I need to sleep ,not that I am sleepy but then The Book of Protocols dictates that I should.And its not as if I am doing anything worthwhile anyway..might (yeah got this one correct!!) as well turn off my system and restore my tissues.
Dont blame me if you dont like the post ..I never asked you to read it in the first place…”no one is going to read anyway my son” -says the Great Inner Voice…”ya thanks..you dont have to rub it in or as one of my friend says ghoshe dhokate hobe na :P
And also dont critisize my formatting skills…and shut up Mr Inner Voice.