Friday, June 11, 2010

Appendix to the last Post

I had Johnny Walker yesterday. Just to fortify my comments on the brand in my erstwhile post. No i aint turning into an alcoholic. I just went to a restaurant and saw it on the menu within affordable range and recognized that I could make my fortress of belief impregnable by interfering with my blood composition once again just for the sake of vindication. And I stand by my assertion : In small quantities alcohol is useless and in large quantities it tends to cause 'not-so-good' feelings. Its useful only in 2 exceptions- its too cold outside and u need to spend the night outside or if there is a party and u wish to go berserk. From now on I would prefer to be the person sitting on the same table with friends sipping free sprite and amuse myself with the antics of his fellow-sippers.

And these Germans have no taste.They eat crap. They eat food  like what would be the first stage of processing for a normal Indian dish. Yesterday i just had a stupid big (toooo big)  potato boiled, cut in half,cream poured over it with some leaves- they dint even take off the skin!!! basically saala aloo chokha tha wo bhi bana ke nahi diya tha!!!! I felt like a goat eating grass off a field who was lucky enough to have pulled hard at some shrub and found a boiled potato in the roots.

I liked bowling though. it is fun. And German TV is good.

PS: I realized the PhD guy is like the future version of Behera.Shit.

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