Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Awesome one-liners/comments

  1. 'DevD is important but it is not google' - Mayank (Sharma probably..dunno..yes and i must acknowledge that this was an excellent sm from someone who is not on my list of top ten people with an excellent sense of sm's)
  2. 'Abe bachpan me bhi mujhe Schrodinger equation nahi aati thi to kya us samay main sota nahi tha kya?'-once again our unequivocal king of one-liners Mayank Sharma when someone suggested that he should dedicate the night to study for the exam on the morrow as currently he was only as well acquainted with the concept as he was with  the composition of rocks on Mars.
  3. 'Abe ye srojinder equation thoda samjha na'- contemporary genius Raunak Jain
  4. 'Is laash ko thikane laga do'- Matti after NCC camp and referring to his legs.
  5. 'Kitni haggi shakal hai be teri' - Shit in his indigenous shit style to ulti daya infi tatti
  6. 'Mujhe hai daalna' - the ending line to a gem of a poem by Shit
  7. 'I also dont like this chair over here' - Moharir sir ( u will get this one only if u were there when he said this) with the faint twitching of the corner of his mouth indicating his immense joy at being able to being able to use his favourite weapon-sarcasm.
  8. 'U dont look like a hero' - once again Moharir sir.Hail Fatta King. 
  9. 'SIX!!!...mera matlab fuck!!!'- me on being suddenly awoken. Dunno. No explanation.
  10. 'Lagta hia prof ki maut ho gayi hia' - once again me .included in this list only becoz the prof was standing right behind me and tapped my shoulder and replied - ' I am here only'.
  11. 'I am bored' - CV on someone's presentation
  12. 'Abe agar mera chutiya kata to iska matlab yehi na ki main ab kam chutiya reh gaya' - Matti.
  13. 'Abe jahar hag ke aaya hai kya??' - Chari to Matti
  14. 'Lekin ye sab to shayad hum decide karenge na' - Chari in a totally innocent tone when the guy at the beach chalked out our schedule and expenses even before you can say put(or some other short word :P )
  15. 'Choooooooootiyaaaaaaaaa hai kya' - i need not tell u who :D

I cant remember more at the moment but i m pretty sure that there are a countably infinite number of more such examples. They will be updated as soon as i chance to stumble upon them in some corner of my head which, by the way ,I have a lot of time to visit and explore.

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